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The ancient traditional flavors

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Completely immersed in the Chianti hills, in Montespertoli city of wine, “LA GIGLIOLA” covers about 300 hectares, of which 60 are vineyards and 40 with olive trees.

The history of the Fattoria La Gigliola is very old, as are his noble house and the church of San Piero in Mercato once belonged to a small village with many towers with clocks.

In 1300 the picturesque idyll was destroyed by the wars between Guelfi and Ghibellines, and today you can only see the Campanile della Pieve and the Tower Farm “La Gigliola”.

For a long time the tower was used by the farm owners as a private chapel. In 1700 it was renovated with loving care. Dedicated in 1900 to St. Henry, the facade of the chapel is adorned with a bust of its patron saint.

“The Gigliola” has always been a much admired by the Florentine nobility residence and the Milani family was equally fascinated by the beauty of the estate.

It is surrounded by a park of oak trees, pine trees and very old cypress trees, vineyards, olive trees and even an old tennis court inside an estate of 300 hectares, the villa reflects the richness and variety of the Tuscan traditions.

In early 2000, the current owner of Gigliola has renovated the estate, getting the charming apartments and independent.

The apartments, complete with all amenities, have been renovated respecting the uniqueness and warmth that only the Tuscan hospitality can give.

General conditions of Sale

The general sales conditions are the conditions for the marketing of products through lagigliolawines.com, Property Mark de Fattoria La Gigliola with registered office in Via S. Piero in Mercato, 128, Montespertoli (FI).

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Ingredients We Use

43 °
The pomace derived from fermented grapes on the estate.
Method of distillation
Alembic discontinuous calderine steam with correction of the condensed water bath under vacuum.
Six months in stainless steel.
Visual aspect
crystalline, both in transparency as in the color tone.
Olfactory sensations
calm and collected on the nose gently reveals a particular bouquet in which the typical richness of Chianti vinosity draw near pleasant fruity sensations.
tasting is pleasantly warm, harmonious and balanced.